My Fab Five Travel Vloggers

Today marks the 125th day into the lockdown in India!

Travelling still seems a far fetched dream.

Is there a return to normalcy? Or is this the new 'normal'?

The paramount reason I hate COVID-19 ruined my long-awaited dream trip to Ladakh.

Otherwise, you would have been reading about my experiences in the cold desert now, rather than the tales on my favourite travel vloggers on YouTube.

Having said that, that is how I spent a hefty amount of time during lockdown... On a virtual journey with the travel vloggers. To keep the 'read-time' to 3minutes, I'm cutting down my self-appraisal and let's meet my 'Fabulous Five'.

Disclaimer: I really wish I could get paid for promoting them 😖 Apna time aayega!😪

1) The Romantic 'Flying The Nest'

My most favourite channel on YouTube! Wanna see the landscapes in its real beauty? This is the channel!

Jessica and Stephen, a cute romantic couple from Australia absolutely nailed all aspects of Travel vlogging. It's not just the destination, but their passion, their love for each other, and the effort they put to bring out the best keep this channel a step ahead than rest for me. Joined by their new-born 'Hunter', they are set to take their journeys to another dimension. Watch their European series and I bet you will fall in love with them!

The best from them - The Turkish series, The Spaniards, and of course the Indian series

Subscribe to them @

2) The legendary 'Drew Binsky'

The man on a mission! With only 6 countries left, this person is all set to leave footprints on all 197 counties in the planet pretty soon. Correct me if there are more 🙄.

What makes him different is that his videos are more or less short documentaries about the kind of people, the races and ethnicities, the hospitality, food, culture and what not! So if you wanna dive deep into astonishing pieces of information rather than just sticking to the beauty of landscapes, he is the man to follow. Also, I had a chance to meet this American YouTuber personally when he visited IIT Madras 😍. With over 1.7M subscribers and most videos with a duration of just 5 to 10 mins, this man won't disappoint you.

The best from him - North Korea, Pakistan, Kiribati, and Kerala🌴

Follow him @

3) The Honest 'Mountain Trekker'

Varun Vagish... Hamara bandha. Maybe the only travel vlogger in India to hit 1M subscribers with just around 350 videos. A full-time professional once, this guy quit the job to travel around the world. What makes him different is his honesty in sharing experiences.

PS: He does vlogs in Hindi

He is so simple, relatable and brutally honest. Also, loves hitch-hiking and couch surfing. His nature of travel could be the reason why he is loved by many. Looking for budget solo travels? Listen to this guy.

Recommended ones from him: USA series, Thailand Hitch-hiking and Kyrgyzstan

Watch his videos @

4) 'Downielive' The Train Guy

"I don't know where I'm going next, but I know I want you there with me"

His catchline is his life...He is a Nomad. This ever-charming Vancouver based YouTuber doesn't seem to really like planning his travels. Though I started following him only during this lockdown, almost all his videos have been covered.

Not following the ever followed, Michael Downie does vlogs on trains, spas, hotels, Airbnbs and in between if time allows then the nature 😅. He does a variety of videos that we can't really pick his favourite genre😕. With astounding video quality of his videos, your eyes will be taken for a treat.

Recommended videos??? 🙄

Why you don't you find it out yourself @

5) 'Kritika Goel' The Blah Blah

Yes! There is a lady vlogger in the list and that too an Indian. Pretty amazing isn't it?

This lady from Vellore does vlogs on Travel and Lifestyle. And, unlike others, she really balances the foreign and homey videos pretty well. The crystal clear shots and the perfect choice of BGMs would take you on a virtual journey with her.

There might not be anything unique in her travelling or narration style, but with over 2lac subscribers, maybe her normalcy is what people adore. So if you are in for a lot of talking, she won't disappoint you. I hope she would serve as an inspiration for the ladies who wish to step out of their comfort zone (or shackles 🙃) and explore the world.

Recommended ones from her: Bali, Iceland and Ladakh

Watch her videos @

Well, the list doesn't end here and of course, who knows..tomorrow someone else may top this list.

Do you have a favourite vlogger??? Comment his name below (Don't hesitate if signup option pops up; you won't receive any ads or promotions from me, but only notifications when I post next time.)

(Source of Images: Google Images)

PS: Having mentioned all these vloggers, my dearest past time is 'Oru Sanchariyude Diarykurippukal' aired on Safari Channel. The only reason I didn't mention legendary Santosh George Kulangara is that he is more of a storyteller to me rather than a vlogger.

To end the blog quoting Lao Tzu "Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Until I see you next time, Sayonara!

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