Why Travel Solo?

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

One liner - "To liberate yourself"

'Solo Travel'

One of the most fantasized and popular duplets. But is it just a fancy or something which should be experienced? Well, I belong to the latter.

(Disclaimer - This blog is biased and talks totally through my perceptions and experiences. Don't backpack solo and jump into troubles without doing any research!)

1) "My life, My rules😎"

Many don't dare to admit it. It is a fact that everyone would have wanted to do something extra on their trips; an extra mile, a detour for a waterfall, or a pitstop for local cuisine. Otherwise, you should be accompanied by fellows with similar savour, which if happens, consider grabbing lotteries, because you are extremely lucky!

2) Ever loved being selfish?

Bike ride? Or shall I book a cab? How about a cycle trail against the breeze? Or some street shopping? Chuck it...I need to acclimatize. Relatable??? Being 'selfish' can fetch you more excitement and satisfaction!

3) Experience real freedom

You are in an unknown world among unrecognised people set to scout the unexplored. There's no one to stop you between you and your experience (Ps: Pls follow the local rules if you don't wanna end up experiencing something bitter 😐)

4) Solo Travel is a myth

But the blog title?🤨 You may start alone, but you will end up travelling with a lot of friends. You become a much more approachable person when you are alone than in a group. This helps biggie as you are meeting people who are more or less your type. They can indeed switch a dreadful trip to a cheerful one. Most probably you will end up planning future trips with them. Who knows, maybe the memories with these loose ends could be the ones you cherish lifelong.

5) Open to new experiences

When you are in a totally unfamiliar environment, don't shy away from what the world has to offer you. Have an extra eye and an ear to sense more. Get to know the people, try the unusual, be curious about the bizarre. These exposures can change your outlook about the world.

6) Is English a global language?

If you think yes, then be ready to get disappointed! Communication can pose a big challenge when you are in a remote place. The frustration of not being able to convey even the basic needs is sometimes unbearable 🤯. But that sense of achievement when you get the things done finally is astounding. So, if you think it as an opportunity to learn, you are good to go!

7) Who am I 🤔?

Solo travels are the best time to reflect upon your life. You have the whole time in the world to think in peace with clarity. This rare opportunity to fancy how the future should unfold and plan accordingly is something to be experienced.

8) Expand your comfort zone

This is that time to step out of your existing comfort zone and be more resilient. Try those things which you never thought you would ever be able to do and push the limits. This would boost your self-confidence for real.

9) Save on the costs

This is perhaps the most important and handy benefit of travelling alone. Couples would be able to relate with this much more😜. You don't need to stay in resorts, purchase the souvenirs, pay the bills for two and so on... But the very fact that opting for comfort would genuinely make the trip better shall also be not neglected.

10) Relationships???

Well.. up to you 💔

The list doesn't end here and many would have different thoughts or more points to add (Yeay..we have got a comment box!). Speaking about 'why travel solo', 'why not to travel solo' cannot be ignored blindly also. Solo travels can turn out to be risky and proper precautions are a must before setting out on the journey.

But for the time being, quoting David Mitchel, "Travel far enough, you meet yourself"

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